Monday, 1 September 2014

Commercial pilot training in Canada at a glance

The commercial pilots do often enjoy a good and lucrative career be in Canada or outside any other country. With this, you not only enjoy a cool and financially sound career but at the same time enjoy a good status in the society. Plus you get the chance to quench your thirst and passion to remain high in the sky. If you are keen to follow this footsteps, you are supposed to undergo a commercial pilot training followed by getting the commercial license and then enjoy this career option the best. But before you enter into this domain, you should explore this steam in and out. Let us check what goes inside the commercial pilot training in Canada

The commercial pilot training Prerequisites

Before you enter in commercial flying, you need the said license, which will allow you to fly high in the sky. For this, you have certain prerequisites, which you have to suffice first. You first require a private pilot license (PPL), with minimum age of yours not less than 18 years. Your medical benchmark should be of class 1 as conducted by any qualified Aviation medical examiner. Besides, you should posses the working knowledge of English and any one foreign language.


The commercial pilot training Requirements

For becoming a commercial pilot, you are required to complete not less than 200 hours of total flight time with thousand hours of pilot in Command time including 20 hours of X country. Secondly, in your training program you need to cover the right duration of training in your earlier programs to have the best commercial pilot training. Lastly, the time building must cover the right amount of time as well.

The commercial pilot training course

For applying for any commercial pilot license, you should undergo the best and comprehensive kind of training. The course should have 65 hours of flight training followed by the 40 hours of the ground school training programs as well. It is divided into the Night Endorsement and the over the Top VFR section as well. 


The commercial pilot training program at a glance

Commercial Pilot Training Aircrafts
The CPL training program cover a wide range of things. You have 35 hours of dual instruction, that carry 10 hours of advance dual instruction. In this you are supposed to suffice the five hours of X country hours with the instrument time for 20 hours and the dual night time for Five hours.  The very next slot comes out of 30 hours will cover the 25 hours of general practise that cover the air work and radio communication. 5 hours that remains is dedicated for solo night training. The straight-line country covers the 300 nautical miles hours with minimum 3-airport landing besides the departure airport. The remaining time slot of 80 hours goes for ground level school training wherein you are supposed to cover subjects like Air Law, GK, Navigation and Meteorology.


Getting the Commercial pilot licence

The moment you complete all your commercial pilot training program, you are all fit and skilled enough to apply for your commercial pilot license. Here you are supposed to clear two exams- the Written and Flight Tests that is being conducted by the Transport Canada. Once you qualify the same, you end up getting the said license, which opens up the gate for applying in this domain.


Friday, 1 August 2014

Which training institute is best for flight training in Canada?

In Canada, you have a number of flight training institutes; however, there are only few, which are at par to the yardstick of quality. A huge number of flight training institutes have mushroomed of late, but when it comes to choosing the right one, it is really difficult to find one. Hence knowing the training institute, which happens to be the best for your flight training in Canada is really mandatory. Of all the institutes, which are at the top are very less and one of it is Blue Bird Academy based in Chilliwack, British Columbia in Canada. Let’s check why this institute happens to be the top one in the following paragraphs:

Blue Bird Academy at a glance

In a long list of flying schools found in Canada, there is one name in institutes, Which seems to be one of the top schools in Canada. It happens to be a known aviation school, which is based at the Chilliwack Municipal Airport (CYCW) in British Columbia. The location of the institute is merely few minutes towards the east of Vancouver. The airport attached to the academy is attached is of high quality, which is licensed by the Canada transport and it happens to be complete runway lightings, which really help in a very smooth 24 x 7 operation. The airport found in the vicinity comes out to be par quality. This is located very much close to two international airports that offer you the NDB/VOR/ILS and GPS departures and approaches.

The quality of campus and infrastructure

The aviation school comes out to be with all modern facilities, and hence is among the competent enough to offer the aspiring pilots with the right kind of tools and infrastructure to finish the training with utter quality and integrity. Being based close to the Pacific Ocean, which is basically a place called Chilliwack known to have one of the best suitable climatic conditions in the country makes the institute the ideal for aviation training and educational programs. The campus of this institute embarks with high end sections comprising of briefing rooms, the flight planning room powered by internet facility, well equipped and spacious classrooms along with features like Kitchen and student lounge.

The instructors and Faculty members

The online and real time instructors and faculty members of the institute can be called as the real backbone of any competent flying school. Fortunately, institutes like bluebird flight academy have highly skilled and qualified. All of these offer you high quality full-fledged and custom training programs to a number of students and aspiring pilots both within and outside Canada. The training programs comes out to be par with quality in education and training.

The high quality fleet and Simulators

When you talk about fleet and stimulators found in this school, it happens to be one of the most par in quality functional and maintenance. All these flying machines happen to be the most reliable and well maintained ones, which are being certified by high quality agencies known to offer 24 x 7 hour operations. The on-site maintenance facilities cater you less amount of delays seen in the flight training programs. The aircraft machines simply include Cessna 152, 172 and the Piper Seneca II (PA34-200T). Besides, you can even get to see some of the best training simulators, which are high end and par with high quality. These simple include B200 – King Air 200, C 182-Cessna 182 RG, C 172-Cessna 172 R and PA-34 Piper Seneca III.

Par quality student accommodations 

The students enrolling in a number of training programs at this institute comes out to be very much high end accommodations. The building and infrastructure comes out to be par with the norms set by the flying fraternity. There are so many facilities for student who enjoys the well equipped and quality services. You have everything in the institute for the students, right from the WI FI connectivity to cable TV, furnished and quality pantry and entertaining programs, you have a wide range of washer and dryer facility. The story doesn’t really end here; you can even find a number of leisure activities including river rafting, hiking, skiing, etc. In nutshell, Bluebird Flight Academy is among the top and leading flying schools in Canada. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

How to guess best flying school?

How to guess??????????
When it comes to choosing or guessing the best flying school, it is often called as the most daunting experience. The fact is you have to check a number of considerations, while choosing the flying school for your aviation career. First things first, you are supposed to take your own time in determining the end goal first and then head to it. Check the future of pilot career, along with understanding the nature of their work and the pros and cons before actually deciding upon this career option. Once you make up your mind then you can head to getting the private pilot license or the commercial pilot license. Once you understand the final goal you end up making the right decision:

Consider quality over quantity

When it comes to flight training, it is always the quality of the flight instructor or school that matters a lot. Having a good flight instructor can help you the best in your learning process. As a majority of flight instructors would be communicating with the student pilots verbally, hence checking their communication skills apart from their knowledge and skills becomes very much vital. If you are keen to find out a good flight school, do keep in mind that you talk to them who would be dealing with your aviation training program. Make sure you check this element without fail and ensure that your potential flight instructor have the right line of communication. Unlike a number of industries, which require instructors there are both good and bad flight instructors. Hence your choice should be to consider the one, which comes with quality rather than quantity.

Explore the nature of this job before taking any decision

In order to be a full-fledged commercial pilot, you are supposed to undergo several hours of training for your commercial pilot license. You need to check the requirements of this program and understand what all would be covered in the said training. There are many students who simply do not know about the training. On the other hand, you would find a number of students who feel the pressure to take decisions in this regard. You are supposed to feel free while taking any decision. Take your own time to understand and explore the commercial pilot license before you feel the thrill and excitement about the career. Just because you would get the chance to fly high and be on the plane to control machine shouldn’t be your goal to enter into this career. As this is among the toughest kind of career, which requires long hours of flights, uninterrupted night sessions that can be tiring and exhausting experience, hence check these facts out before you choose this career.

Choosing the best aviation program

In order to find out or choose one of the best aviation schools, it is very much vital to consider the best pilot school. However, digging deep into this topic, you would find certain attributes or qualities, which make any school greater and better in the sight of others. So, what should you be looking for is a big question to answer. Make sure you visit the aviation school, First impression counts a lot. It is also vital to visit the aviation school, which you have shortlisted for your training program. The first impression counts a lot when you talk about finding the one for your career. The first impression will render you the right view about the school, which include the right infrastructure, the facilities, the fleet and amenities you need for better training programs.

Talk to the people around

Merely checking the ambience and premises of the institute will not suffice in finding out the right institute. You are supposed to talk to the people whom you find them. This will include both the instructors and the students. Talking to them would help you understand the quality of the institute and the level of the students and instructors found out there. If you see the people here to be open and hospitable, it talks a lot about the institute, helping you understand that you have walked out to a right place. Thus you can think of considering this institute for the aviation training.

Check the planes or fleet

One of the vital aspects to check at the aviation school is the planes wherein you would be getting most of your practical training. If the planes or fleet are not up to the mark, your training is more likely to hamper. However, if you see the people denying the request to have a tour inside the planes, consider it as one of the vital signs of judging the aviation school as bad. At the same time, the planes should be brand new, with completely functional rather than having a couple of old ones, which are not at all functional or come out in a poor quality. Ignoring this aspect is hampering your quality of training.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Bluebird flight academy among the world’s top flight schools.

Bluebird flight academy is one of the leading flight school based in Canada, which has now counted as one of the world’s top flight schools. The Chilliwack based institute in British Columbia in Canada is among the best in terms of experienced and qualified instructors, high
end fleet and state of art infrastructure. It is known for offering an excellent recreational and
commercial pilot training programs for a wide range of pilots. So far, countless of aspiring pilots
have been trained for various programs, while a number of them have been successful in their
commercial pilot career. Thanks to the comprehensive and rigorous flight programs offered by the
Blue Bird Flight Academy, which is known as one of the best institutes in the world.

Now, what makes this flight institute so special and a recognising institute in the top flying
schools in the world is a worthy question to ask. Let’s start with the location, Chilliwack, wherein
the flight school is located in Canada. It is known for its congenial and excellent weather conditions,
which help people to fly almost every day round the year and thus finish your pilot programs much
faster and thus get employed with any of the reputed airline companies to see your goal meeting
immediately. As far as the fleets are concerned, these are among the best maintained, trustworthy
and certified ones, which become excellent stuff for your training. Lastly, the instructors are
highly qualified and experienced one, which help in offering some of the best and quality training
programs, which often comes as a personalized ones as per the need of each student in the class.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Which country is the best for CPL license training?

Flying is an incredible experience. Since man felt flying in the air, he has been trying different ways to experience flying high in the sky. From sky gliders to parasailing and of course flying the machines like aeroplanes have been the passion of man to experience a new height in the sky. The passion of flying can be clubbed to a career wherein you can make lucrative earnings by being a commercial pilot, which helps in entering bigger and smaller air companies working as commercial pilots. Indeed it is one of the best careers, which anyone can have. If your passion is flying in air, then opting for CPL can be incredible career option. In the list of countries that lead in rendering commercial private licence or CPL, Canada is seen at the top. You can find some of the best flying schools in Canada, one of them being Bluebird Flight Academy. Here you can a number of programs for your flying career apart from being the best place in Canada to get your CPL licence training.

Course entry requirements
In order to be a commercial pilot, there are certain basic requirements, which are to be sufficed to become eligible for the same. You should be at least 18 years of age, having first class medical certificate, you should be a private pilot license holder either PPL (A) or PPL (H) encompassing 150 hours of total flight time out wherein 50 should be as pilot in command. Lastly, you should be proficient in subjects like Physics, Maths and English (should speak, understand and write this language).

The Privileges of CPL Training
Once you clear the CPL training, you can enjoy a number of privileges, which include PPL(A) or PPL(H). You can act like a co pilot or First Officer in any commercial air transportation. You can act like a pilot in command or co pilot of any airplane (including CPL (A)/Helicopter or CPL(H), which are engaged in operations and several other commercial air transportation. Lastly, you can even act like a pilot in command in commercial air transportation of any single pilot airplane or helicopter.

The ground training
In order to complete the CPL training, you are supposed to complete the ground training, which covers a number of subjects. These include the Air law and ATC procedures, knowing and exploring the Airframes & systems, electrics, power plant, emergency equipments, Instrumentation, Mass and Balance, the performance, the flight planning and monitoring things, the human performance and the constraints. Also, you need to cover the subjects like meteorology, general navigation, radio navigation, operational procedures, exploring the principles of flights and communications. All these concepts are related to aviation, which help in making a perfect flying professional in air. 

The flight training
Once you complete the ground training, you are then supposed to have to undergo a minimum of 200 total flight hours training program. These are further divided into 100 hours like a pilot in command, 20 hours for the VFR cross country flight time by being the pilot in command including the cross country flight, which should be at least carried out for 540 km or 300 NM in the course of the full stop landing at two major airports, which should be very much different than the airports of departure.  You need 5 hours of night flying including one cross country flight while the 5 solo take offs and 5 landings, the remaining 5 hours should be carried out on a complex airplanes.

The Theoretical and Practical Examination
As a CPL trainee, you should showcase the level of knowledge, which should be closer to the privileges of the CPL (A)/(H) as per the requirements of Part- FCL. Now moving ahead to the practical examination, you need to complete this once you qualify the theoretical exam. The applicants should therefore be able to showcase the skills to operate the said airplane within the required limitations, it should complete all the manoeuvres as accurate and smooth as per the benchmark of EASA. You should practise the right judgement and airmanship. You should be able to apply the aeronautical knowledge, while lastly you should maintain the airplanes all the times. 

If you are based in Canada or anywhere in the world and want to pursue for the commercial pilot licence training program, Bluebird Flight Academy is one of the best option for you to pursue your flying career. The institute is known to have one of the best instructors, the state of art infrastructure and par resources in order to get one of the best CPL training in the world. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

What is commercial pilot license?

Some time students want to know that What is commercial Pilot License? This post specially for new students.
Commercial Pilot license commonly known as CPIL is basically a qualification, which allows the holders (pilots) of the aircraft to fly these machines and get paid for the same.  All the major requirements for obtaining CPL are concerned by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). But the real implantation simply alters very much from one country to the other. As per the ICAO, in order to be eligible for obtaining the commercial pilot license, you should know to read, write, speak and understand English language and must have the private pilot license and should have completed the relevant written exams and training.

In order to start to get the commercial pilot licence, you as an applicant should first of all have the first class medical certificate. The JAA has a couple of approved courses, which lead to the issue of JAA commercial pilot’s license with the said instrument rating without actually getting the private pilot license. Once you complete these requirements, you then appear for the exam via the governing aviation body, which comprises of a practical and oral flight test for any qualified examiner. The applicants for these kinds of licenses should have completed the solo country flight for at least 300nm backed by full stop landings over the airfields other than the airfield origin of the pilot. CPL is issued for different categories of aircraft, which include airplanes, helicopter, balloons, airships and gyroplanes.


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Giving Wings to Your Imagination at Blue Bird Flight Academy

Bluebird flight academy Aircrafts
Wish to give wings to your imagination? The world of aviations offers numerous such opportunities to those who can seek to add a bit of adventure in their lives. A flight academy is your first step to make this endeavour a reality.
Blue Bird Flight Academy has created a niche name for itself in the aviation industry. Known for imparting world quality flight training skills, the academy is one of the finest flight training schools in Canada. We offer a range of programs and help students get private and commercial pilot license among a range of other.
We are centrally located east of Vancouver. We operate out of Chilliwack Municipal Airport. The airport is designed for every kind of landing and is operational 24 hours a day.
Facilities We Offer
We have state of art facilities for the students. This includes well equipped briefing rooms, flight passing rooms and student lounge with attached kitchen. Apart from the hi-tech training simulators, we have a reliable fleet of aircraft including Cessna 152, Cessna 172 and Piper Seneca II.
We take ample care of students and offer world class amenities to the students so that they do not miss the feeling of being away from their home.

Courses we offer
Private pilot License
Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is one of the licences we offer. This license makes the student eligible to fly single engine aircrafts during daylight hours. The course module is well designed and is divided into ground and flight training. In this training module we offer 40 hours of ground training. To be a successful pilot in this category, you need to appear in the PPL examination in which the candidate needs to secure at least 60 % in four subjects. A student needs to have completed age of 17 years to appear for this examination.
Dual, solo flight training, simulator training, ground school training and ground briefing are the various components of this course module.

Commercial Pilot Licence
Commercial pilot license makes the student eligible for flying commercial flights. The candidate needs to have attained age of 18 years to be eligible for CPL. Ground and flight trainings are the two vital components of acquiring commercial pilot license. We at Blue Bird Flight Academy have a stringent process in place for the Commercial Pilot License course and the students are made to undergo dual and solo in flight trainings apart from simulator training.
Get in touch with us to know the details. We have a cost comprehensive package for all and offer you the best facilities for enabling you to achieve your dream of flying high.