Saturday, 27 April 2013


Above question is very frequently asked, how can we search our dream flight school. in today s modern day world its become very important to be trained from the best flying school if someone is looking for a job in future with one of the leading airlines . 

there are many qualities a flight school posses in order to be different and be best in the modern arena , some of it are mentioned below - 

1. Should have good faculty 
2. Aircrafts having good equipment's like Garmin, gps, autopilot etc 
3. How long has the school been in existence? 
4. Are the weather condition s good were the flight school is placed 
5. How many students they have 
6. How many aircrafts the school has 
7. How many flight instructor s the school has 
8. Do they provide any internship after completion of the course as working and having experience will really help you in getting job with the airline very easily in near future? 
9. Hope the school has taught your countries students and should be experienced with syllabus applicable and approved in your native country in case you are an international student, otherwise its tough to convert the license. 
10. Most importantly cost to be compared with the quality provided. one match it properly should not just go for less cost flight school s then later he cannot go anywhere else .