Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Having no prior experience in flying an aircraft had put me in a difficult position in choosing the best
flight training school. And so getting enrolled at Blue Bird Flight Academy gave me the opportunity
to experience flight training in the most luxurious and comfortable ambiance at a minimal cost. The
facilities available at the academy were wonderful which aimed to provide training relevant for the

At Blue Bird Flight Academy I had the chance to receive training from the best faculty who were very
experienced and knowledgeable in their relevant fields. The staff is very helpful and gives their best in
providing every student a personal touch and helps them to acquire necessary skills required to fly any
aircraft with confidence.

Getting enrolled at Blue Bird Flight Academy was like a dream come true for me as it provided me with
world class training and modern facilities at a minimal cost. My experience at blue bird academy was
truly amazing mainly because of its student friendly atmosphere and staff who made me feel at home.
I would definitely make it a point to recommend this school to all those aspiring pilots who dream of
making a career in the aviation field but cannot afford to pay huge sums for the training. This academy
ensures quality flight training to the aspires clubbed with the world class facilities at an affordable

Blue Bird Flight Academy offers the best curriculum in flight training catering to the needs of even a
layman who has no knowledge about aviation. It is the best flight school at a minimal cost deemed to
motivate the students to develop professionally and confident enough to fly any aircraft.


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