Monday, 17 June 2013

Why should you choose Blue Bird Flight Academy?

There are several reasons for choosing Blue Bird Flight Academy as you pilot school. At Blue Bird Flight Academy you can expect to receive the best training possible. With an excellent set of aircrafts and handsome number of experienced instructors, you know you would only receive the best of all. 
Now let us look at what all does Blue Bird Flight Academy has in store for the aspiring Commercial Pilots-
Blue Bird Flight Academy has a renowned name among the pilot schools in North America. Therefore, every student who enrolls in any course at BBFA can be assured of quality and loyalty from the academy's side. 

Being in this field for more than seven years, you can trust that your precious time and valuable investment is going in the right hands. 
While most of the aircrafts that most of the flying institutes use are of a regular kind, Blue Bird Flight Academy is giving a variety of aircrafts to choose from for Commercial Pilot Training.  This not only prepares the students to fly on one or two types of aircrafts but also prepares them to fly with a variety of multi-engine aircrafts. 

Blue Bird Flight Academy offers a variety of training programs to choose from. One of the major courses offered is Commercial Pilot Training, which too has many subsections within it. These subsections are fit for students from all over the world. Apart from Commercial Pilot Training and Private Pilot Training, Blue Bird Flight Academy has many ground courses available for the students to choose from. 

The location of Blue Bird Flight Academy is absolutely perfect for the students aspiring to learn flying. Chilliwack, Vancouver is a small beautiful town of Canada, which is perfect for flying all round the year. This makes the training very time efficient and allows the students to become proficient pilots in a very short duration. 

We have a team of hardworking and able instructors and staff members who are completely devoted in yielding qualified and skilled pilots who are able to fly under pressure and in various types of aircrafts. Moreover, Blue Bird Flight Academy has been giving the benefit of choosing their own instructors to its students.  This allows the trainee-instructor relationship to be more compatible and hence, the output is undoubtedly high.
While we have spoken about the basic advantages given by Blue Bird Flight Academy in terms of academy, we haven't mentioned about the accommodation and extra-curricular activities at Blue Bird Flight Academy. At Blue Bird Flight Academy, the students are provided with a high class student villas and homes near by the training ground. To boost up the students' development and personality. 

These are just the summing up of the facilities and services provided by Blue Bird Flight Academy in chunks. There are many more that BBFA has to offer. For further queries, please visit the website .



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