Tuesday, 15 October 2013

how to become commercial pilot ??

This is one question which is very very frequently asked by 12 th grade students especially . as an airline pilot myself i thought i should help the potential students who are looking forward to become commercial . I want them to get proper and rightful guidance so that it makes things easy for them . 

what is commercial pilot training ??

This is very well known with the name of CPL OR PROFESSIONAL PILOT TRAINING OR AIRLINE PILOT TRAINING . This course comprises of 200 hours of flight training with 100 hours minimum dual training and 100 hours solo flight training , most students and school also make a student undergo 20 hours simulator training along so that he can get his/her instrument flying knowledge up-to standard . During this course student also have to go and attain SPL, PPL , NIGHT RATING after this only student attains CPL. CPL is a combination of flight training and ground training , it is more lively , more practical in nature as consists of actual flight training in air . ighly advisable for students who more practical in real life and like practical knowledge more . along with 200 hours of flight training one also has to undergo ppl , cpl ground school to get his ground knowledge upto par . 

minimum requirements to enroll for commercial pilot ??

1. grade 12 + in any stream 
2. class 1 medical examination ( can be done only with specified medical centers) 
Hope above knowledge may help my fellow mates and potential students looking to join commercial pilot training.


  1. nice information is very informative and truth.
    I am a ppl student

  2. hi shawn why not u there CPL. informative post.

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