Saturday, 24 May 2014

Giving Wings to Your Imagination at Blue Bird Flight Academy

Bluebird flight academy Aircrafts
Wish to give wings to your imagination? The world of aviations offers numerous such opportunities to those who can seek to add a bit of adventure in their lives. A flight academy is your first step to make this endeavour a reality.
Blue Bird Flight Academy has created a niche name for itself in the aviation industry. Known for imparting world quality flight training skills, the academy is one of the finest flight training schools in Canada. We offer a range of programs and help students get private and commercial pilot license among a range of other.
We are centrally located east of Vancouver. We operate out of Chilliwack Municipal Airport. The airport is designed for every kind of landing and is operational 24 hours a day.
Facilities We Offer
We have state of art facilities for the students. This includes well equipped briefing rooms, flight passing rooms and student lounge with attached kitchen. Apart from the hi-tech training simulators, we have a reliable fleet of aircraft including Cessna 152, Cessna 172 and Piper Seneca II.
We take ample care of students and offer world class amenities to the students so that they do not miss the feeling of being away from their home.

Courses we offer
Private pilot License
Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is one of the licences we offer. This license makes the student eligible to fly single engine aircrafts during daylight hours. The course module is well designed and is divided into ground and flight training. In this training module we offer 40 hours of ground training. To be a successful pilot in this category, you need to appear in the PPL examination in which the candidate needs to secure at least 60 % in four subjects. A student needs to have completed age of 17 years to appear for this examination.
Dual, solo flight training, simulator training, ground school training and ground briefing are the various components of this course module.

Commercial Pilot Licence
Commercial pilot license makes the student eligible for flying commercial flights. The candidate needs to have attained age of 18 years to be eligible for CPL. Ground and flight trainings are the two vital components of acquiring commercial pilot license. We at Blue Bird Flight Academy have a stringent process in place for the Commercial Pilot License course and the students are made to undergo dual and solo in flight trainings apart from simulator training.
Get in touch with us to know the details. We have a cost comprehensive package for all and offer you the best facilities for enabling you to achieve your dream of flying high.




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