Tuesday, 17 June 2014

What is commercial pilot license?

Some time students want to know that What is commercial Pilot License? This post specially for new students.
Commercial Pilot license commonly known as CPIL is basically a qualification, which allows the holders (pilots) of the aircraft to fly these machines and get paid for the same.  All the major requirements for obtaining CPL are concerned by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). But the real implantation simply alters very much from one country to the other. As per the ICAO, in order to be eligible for obtaining the commercial pilot license, you should know to read, write, speak and understand English language and must have the private pilot license and should have completed the relevant written exams and training.

In order to start to get the commercial pilot licence, you as an applicant should first of all have the first class medical certificate. The JAA has a couple of approved courses, which lead to the issue of JAA commercial pilot’s license with the said instrument rating without actually getting the private pilot license. Once you complete these requirements, you then appear for the exam via the governing aviation body, which comprises of a practical and oral flight test for any qualified examiner. The applicants for these kinds of licenses should have completed the solo country flight for at least 300nm backed by full stop landings over the airfields other than the airfield origin of the pilot. CPL is issued for different categories of aircraft, which include airplanes, helicopter, balloons, airships and gyroplanes.



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