Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Which country is the best for CPL license training?

Flying is an incredible experience. Since man felt flying in the air, he has been trying different ways to experience flying high in the sky. From sky gliders to parasailing and of course flying the machines like aeroplanes have been the passion of man to experience a new height in the sky. The passion of flying can be clubbed to a career wherein you can make lucrative earnings by being a commercial pilot, which helps in entering bigger and smaller air companies working as commercial pilots. Indeed it is one of the best careers, which anyone can have. If your passion is flying in air, then opting for CPL can be incredible career option. In the list of countries that lead in rendering commercial private licence or CPL, Canada is seen at the top. You can find some of the best flying schools in Canada, one of them being Bluebird Flight Academy. Here you can a number of programs for your flying career apart from being the best place in Canada to get your CPL licence training.

Course entry requirements
In order to be a commercial pilot, there are certain basic requirements, which are to be sufficed to become eligible for the same. You should be at least 18 years of age, having first class medical certificate, you should be a private pilot license holder either PPL (A) or PPL (H) encompassing 150 hours of total flight time out wherein 50 should be as pilot in command. Lastly, you should be proficient in subjects like Physics, Maths and English (should speak, understand and write this language).

The Privileges of CPL Training
Once you clear the CPL training, you can enjoy a number of privileges, which include PPL(A) or PPL(H). You can act like a co pilot or First Officer in any commercial air transportation. You can act like a pilot in command or co pilot of any airplane (including CPL (A)/Helicopter or CPL(H), which are engaged in operations and several other commercial air transportation. Lastly, you can even act like a pilot in command in commercial air transportation of any single pilot airplane or helicopter.

The ground training
In order to complete the CPL training, you are supposed to complete the ground training, which covers a number of subjects. These include the Air law and ATC procedures, knowing and exploring the Airframes & systems, electrics, power plant, emergency equipments, Instrumentation, Mass and Balance, the performance, the flight planning and monitoring things, the human performance and the constraints. Also, you need to cover the subjects like meteorology, general navigation, radio navigation, operational procedures, exploring the principles of flights and communications. All these concepts are related to aviation, which help in making a perfect flying professional in air. 

The flight training
Once you complete the ground training, you are then supposed to have to undergo a minimum of 200 total flight hours training program. These are further divided into 100 hours like a pilot in command, 20 hours for the VFR cross country flight time by being the pilot in command including the cross country flight, which should be at least carried out for 540 km or 300 NM in the course of the full stop landing at two major airports, which should be very much different than the airports of departure.  You need 5 hours of night flying including one cross country flight while the 5 solo take offs and 5 landings, the remaining 5 hours should be carried out on a complex airplanes.

The Theoretical and Practical Examination
As a CPL trainee, you should showcase the level of knowledge, which should be closer to the privileges of the CPL (A)/(H) as per the requirements of Part- FCL. Now moving ahead to the practical examination, you need to complete this once you qualify the theoretical exam. The applicants should therefore be able to showcase the skills to operate the said airplane within the required limitations, it should complete all the manoeuvres as accurate and smooth as per the benchmark of EASA. You should practise the right judgement and airmanship. You should be able to apply the aeronautical knowledge, while lastly you should maintain the airplanes all the times. 

If you are based in Canada or anywhere in the world and want to pursue for the commercial pilot licence training program, Bluebird Flight Academy is one of the best option for you to pursue your flying career. The institute is known to have one of the best instructors, the state of art infrastructure and par resources in order to get one of the best CPL training in the world. 


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