Monday, 7 July 2014

Bluebird flight academy among the world’s top flight schools.

Bluebird flight academy is one of the leading flight school based in Canada, which has now counted as one of the world’s top flight schools. The Chilliwack based institute in British Columbia in Canada is among the best in terms of experienced and qualified instructors, high
end fleet and state of art infrastructure. It is known for offering an excellent recreational and
commercial pilot training programs for a wide range of pilots. So far, countless of aspiring pilots
have been trained for various programs, while a number of them have been successful in their
commercial pilot career. Thanks to the comprehensive and rigorous flight programs offered by the
Blue Bird Flight Academy, which is known as one of the best institutes in the world.

Now, what makes this flight institute so special and a recognising institute in the top flying
schools in the world is a worthy question to ask. Let’s start with the location, Chilliwack, wherein
the flight school is located in Canada. It is known for its congenial and excellent weather conditions,
which help people to fly almost every day round the year and thus finish your pilot programs much
faster and thus get employed with any of the reputed airline companies to see your goal meeting
immediately. As far as the fleets are concerned, these are among the best maintained, trustworthy
and certified ones, which become excellent stuff for your training. Lastly, the instructors are
highly qualified and experienced one, which help in offering some of the best and quality training
programs, which often comes as a personalized ones as per the need of each student in the class.


  1. This school is an apt choice for the students who dedicatedly want to pursue pilot training.

  2. Bluebird commercial pilot training programs is world level.

  3. bluebird is very vast school.

  4. yes..Bluebird Flight academy is world's top flying school.

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    1. Yes Anamika it's in top3 in world flying school list.

  6. Thanks to share this information.