Friday, 1 August 2014

Which training institute is best for flight training in Canada?

In Canada, you have a number of flight training institutes; however, there are only few, which are at par to the yardstick of quality. A huge number of flight training institutes have mushroomed of late, but when it comes to choosing the right one, it is really difficult to find one. Hence knowing the training institute, which happens to be the best for your flight training in Canada is really mandatory. Of all the institutes, which are at the top are very less and one of it is Blue Bird Academy based in Chilliwack, British Columbia in Canada. Let’s check why this institute happens to be the top one in the following paragraphs:

Blue Bird Academy at a glance

In a long list of flying schools found in Canada, there is one name in institutes, Which seems to be one of the top schools in Canada. It happens to be a known aviation school, which is based at the Chilliwack Municipal Airport (CYCW) in British Columbia. The location of the institute is merely few minutes towards the east of Vancouver. The airport attached to the academy is attached is of high quality, which is licensed by the Canada transport and it happens to be complete runway lightings, which really help in a very smooth 24 x 7 operation. The airport found in the vicinity comes out to be par quality. This is located very much close to two international airports that offer you the NDB/VOR/ILS and GPS departures and approaches.

The quality of campus and infrastructure

The aviation school comes out to be with all modern facilities, and hence is among the competent enough to offer the aspiring pilots with the right kind of tools and infrastructure to finish the training with utter quality and integrity. Being based close to the Pacific Ocean, which is basically a place called Chilliwack known to have one of the best suitable climatic conditions in the country makes the institute the ideal for aviation training and educational programs. The campus of this institute embarks with high end sections comprising of briefing rooms, the flight planning room powered by internet facility, well equipped and spacious classrooms along with features like Kitchen and student lounge.

The instructors and Faculty members

The online and real time instructors and faculty members of the institute can be called as the real backbone of any competent flying school. Fortunately, institutes like bluebird flight academy have highly skilled and qualified. All of these offer you high quality full-fledged and custom training programs to a number of students and aspiring pilots both within and outside Canada. The training programs comes out to be par with quality in education and training.

The high quality fleet and Simulators

When you talk about fleet and stimulators found in this school, it happens to be one of the most par in quality functional and maintenance. All these flying machines happen to be the most reliable and well maintained ones, which are being certified by high quality agencies known to offer 24 x 7 hour operations. The on-site maintenance facilities cater you less amount of delays seen in the flight training programs. The aircraft machines simply include Cessna 152, 172 and the Piper Seneca II (PA34-200T). Besides, you can even get to see some of the best training simulators, which are high end and par with high quality. These simple include B200 – King Air 200, C 182-Cessna 182 RG, C 172-Cessna 172 R and PA-34 Piper Seneca III.

Par quality student accommodations 

The students enrolling in a number of training programs at this institute comes out to be very much high end accommodations. The building and infrastructure comes out to be par with the norms set by the flying fraternity. There are so many facilities for student who enjoys the well equipped and quality services. You have everything in the institute for the students, right from the WI FI connectivity to cable TV, furnished and quality pantry and entertaining programs, you have a wide range of washer and dryer facility. The story doesn’t really end here; you can even find a number of leisure activities including river rafting, hiking, skiing, etc. In nutshell, Bluebird Flight Academy is among the top and leading flying schools in Canada. 


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