Monday, 1 September 2014

Commercial pilot training in Canada at a glance

The commercial pilots do often enjoy a good and lucrative career be in Canada or outside any other country. With this, you not only enjoy a cool and financially sound career but at the same time enjoy a good status in the society. Plus you get the chance to quench your thirst and passion to remain high in the sky. If you are keen to follow this footsteps, you are supposed to undergo a commercial pilot training followed by getting the commercial license and then enjoy this career option the best. But before you enter into this domain, you should explore this steam in and out. Let us check what goes inside the commercial pilot training in Canada

The commercial pilot training Prerequisites

Before you enter in commercial flying, you need the said license, which will allow you to fly high in the sky. For this, you have certain prerequisites, which you have to suffice first. You first require a private pilot license (PPL), with minimum age of yours not less than 18 years. Your medical benchmark should be of class 1 as conducted by any qualified Aviation medical examiner. Besides, you should posses the working knowledge of English and any one foreign language.


The commercial pilot training Requirements

For becoming a commercial pilot, you are required to complete not less than 200 hours of total flight time with thousand hours of pilot in Command time including 20 hours of X country. Secondly, in your training program you need to cover the right duration of training in your earlier programs to have the best commercial pilot training. Lastly, the time building must cover the right amount of time as well.

The commercial pilot training course

For applying for any commercial pilot license, you should undergo the best and comprehensive kind of training. The course should have 65 hours of flight training followed by the 40 hours of the ground school training programs as well. It is divided into the Night Endorsement and the over the Top VFR section as well. 


The commercial pilot training program at a glance

Commercial Pilot Training Aircrafts
The CPL training program cover a wide range of things. You have 35 hours of dual instruction, that carry 10 hours of advance dual instruction. In this you are supposed to suffice the five hours of X country hours with the instrument time for 20 hours and the dual night time for Five hours.  The very next slot comes out of 30 hours will cover the 25 hours of general practise that cover the air work and radio communication. 5 hours that remains is dedicated for solo night training. The straight-line country covers the 300 nautical miles hours with minimum 3-airport landing besides the departure airport. The remaining time slot of 80 hours goes for ground level school training wherein you are supposed to cover subjects like Air Law, GK, Navigation and Meteorology.


Getting the Commercial pilot licence

The moment you complete all your commercial pilot training program, you are all fit and skilled enough to apply for your commercial pilot license. Here you are supposed to clear two exams- the Written and Flight Tests that is being conducted by the Transport Canada. Once you qualify the same, you end up getting the said license, which opens up the gate for applying in this domain.



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